KDO - Zweckverband Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Oldenburg (Municipal Data Processing Association Oldenburg)

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The Zweckverband Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Oldenburg(KDO), was founded in 1971 as a partner for local governments. KDO, with its headquarters in Oldenburg and offices in Hameln and Bremervörde, today works for 66 members of the association and for about 200 contract customers in Lower Saxony, in the neighboring federal states and occasionally beyond. Its core business is the development, provision, consulting and maintenance of specialized applications for local governments.

The product range covers all areas of a municipality and includes programs for general administration, human resources, finance, regulatory administration, residents' affairs, social services and construction, including geographic information systems. In addition, the share of more IT-specific services, such as network technology, cabling design, central server utilization (ASP), Internet and e-government is constantly increasing.


Zweckverband Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Oldenburg
Elsässer Str. 66
26121 Oldenburg

Frank Slotta
Phone: +49 | 441 | 9714-209
E-mail: slotta@kdo.de

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