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Security and confidentiality in digital communication

Governikus ensures security-relevant communication, data and identities with and between authorities in administration and justice.
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Turning opportunities into goals - and goals into a path

Governikus is often on the move long before legal regulations come into force and technological specifications become standards. Because we love being pioneers, examining challenges as innovators and getting them out of the way. We want to prepare our customers today for what they will need tomorrow and take us forward together - and have been doing so for over 20 years. On this basis, we develop products and solutions to master the challenges of digitalization.

Our IT security solutions are among the standard applications in e-government and e-justice. Our foundation is current law: both national and international.

Thanks to our close cooperation with our customers and partners, as well as our involvement in various national and international committees, we are able to react to current developments and drive innovation through open dialog.

Data & Facts

  • Foundation

    July 1999

  • Employees

    approx. 280 employees (as at 02/2024)

  • Locations

    Bremen, Berlin, Erfurt, Cologne and Kempten

  • Governikus ITU

    specializes in Europe-wide IT solutions for environmental protection and operational monitoring

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Agile development

The demands of modern software development require first-class developers and creativity, as well as a regular exchange of ideas. In order to meet these requirements, we work with agile software development methods. In sprints and in direct dialog with our customers, we define goals, record efforts and implement solutions. Always accompanied by the responsible product owners and internal experts.

The legal security of our developments is guaranteed by internal and external experts from the fields of e-government and e-justice. The functionality of the applications is checked for further development potential in regular audits by internal and independent experts. Through this procedure, we guarantee functioning and secure applications that comply with legal regulations and international and German standards from the time of delivery.

Public Corporate Governance Code

As a company wholly owned by the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, we are guided in our actions by the "Public Corporate Governance Code of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen". Standards of good and responsible corporate governance are intended to improve the management and supervision of the company and ensure better and more economical performance. In addition, greater transparency, responsibility and control are intended to strengthen public trust in companies in which Bremen has a stake and in the state as a shareholder.
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around the Public Corporate Governance Code
The Public Corporate Governance Code
for the state and municipality of Bremen
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General partner:
Governikus Bremen GmbH (100% City of Bremen)

Limited partners:
55.1% Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (municipality)
44.9% Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (state)

We tell you who we are

And introduce Governikus across the board in the company portrait. So that you know who you are dealing with. From the company to the technology to the question of how we define and assume responsibility. The focus is always on you - and how Governikus, with its products, quality standards and innovative strength, is the ideal service partner.
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