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Governikus COM Vibilia is the client application for sending and receiving OSCI messages. In doing so, COM Vibilia can be configured for communication with various directory services - for addressing XML in public administration messages, the application makes use of the DVDV directory service.

The focus is on sending and receiving, as well as processing and managing OSCI messages for conveying unstructured and structured information.

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Operating structure

Operating structure

Supported XML in public administration standards in COM Vibilia

There are various support options for implementing XÖV standards in COM Vibilia (information on implementation in the respective XÖV standards can be found in the table of supported XÖV standards below).

1. sending messages:

a) Full support of a standard (e.g. XMeld, XAusländer, XPersonenstand, basic module (XInneres))

b) Generic specialized data interface: The sending of messages via the generic specialized data interface is designed to support any XÖV standards. See the document "COM Vibilia transfer interfaces for specialist applications" for the specifications of the specialist data interface. Adaptation in COM Vibilia is generally not necessary.

2. receipt of messages.

a) The standard does not provide for attachments, but only an xml file (e.g. XAusländer)

b) For standards whose message structure provides separate content containers for the content (XML) and the attachments, messages can be received and decrypted in the file system (e.g. XFamily, FIM recognition). In this case, no adaptation in COM Vibilia is usually necessary.

c) For standards whose message structure provides for a single content container (content data container) for the XML and possibly other attachments, adjustments are necessary in COM Vibilia so that the software can process the message correctly (e.g. XSozial-basis, XEinbürgerung).

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The following XÖV standards are supported in the current version of COM Vibilia (DVDV scenarios):

Supported XML in public administration standards COM Vibilia

For more information and explanation, please see the product sheet below.


Support for XML in public administration standards
Product sheet

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If you have any further questions about COM Vibilia XÖV standards, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

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