Support for XÖV standards
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Governikus COM Vibilia is the client application for sending and receiving OSCI messages. In doing so, COM Vibilia can be configured for communication with various directory services - for addressing XÖV messages, the application makes use of the DVDV directory service.

The focus is on sending and receiving, as well as processing and managing OSCI messages for conveying unstructured and structured information.

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Operating structure

Operating structure

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Supported XÖV standards in COM Vibilia

The following XÖV standards are supported in the current version of COM Vibilia:

According to current planning, COM Vibilia will support the following XÖV standards as of 01.05.2023: XFamily 0.3 Pilot and XNaturalization 1.2.0.

For more information and explanation, please see the product sheet below.


Support for XÖV standards
Product sheet