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Zukunftssichere Multikanal-Kommunikation

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The digitization of processes is one of the most important topics in the coming years. The question of necessity has long ceased to arise.

However, the many advantages of digitization, from economic to time aspects, are also offset by major challenges: Digitization is changing structures and processes. In the area of communication, digitization has long since become part of everyday life. There is a growing expectation among citizens and companies that they will also be able to communicate electronically with public authorities. "Fast and uncomplicated" is the credo here. At the same time, for reasons of efficiency, it is essential for public authorities to integrate electronic communication into their processing systems without media discontinuity.

Governikus MultiMessenger (GMM) was developed to meet the challenge of multi-channel communication. The intelligent communication platform offers solutions for future challenges that arise from the constant further and new development of digital channels in electronic communication. Digitalization of processes, introduction of e-files as well as integration into existing IT landscapes: The GMM enables a future-proof, overarching multi-channel strategy.

Governikus MultiMessenger is continuously developed and maintained as an application of the IT planning council according to demand.

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3 good reasons for Governikus MultiMessenger


New communication channels can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures and guarantee
and guarantee provider neutrality.

User acceptance

Without background knowledge, communication systems can be used to communicate from preferred and known systems.

Electronic legal communication

By supporting explicit access opening, you can be sure to communicate in the "right" way.

Extensive services for administration

Governikus MultiMessenger also provides the following services in addition to multi-channel communication:

VPF and organizational structure
Any organizational structures and assigned virtual mailboxes (VPF) can be created and configured via a freely configurable tree structure. This also allows the management of independent organizational structures. The displays of the dashboard and the mailroom book can also be controlled via this. The simplified evaluation of traffic figures is also possible in this way.

Web client
The Governikus MultiMessenger Web-Client is an easy-to-use administration tool. The authentication at the web client is done via a Windows user account, which is assigned to the local user group or the Active Directory user group of the GMM administrators. A distinction is made between system and specialist administrators, even for different organizations. This allows to control the access rights for different clients.

The GMM dashboard provides administrators with an overview of all electronic communication at all times, depending on whether they have access rights for specialist or client administration. System administrators also have access to all configuration files.

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Overarching multi-channel strategy

Governikus MultiMessenger is a multi-channel communication platform that can process all message transport channels relevant in public administration and, in the future, also all electronic registered mail delivery services from a technical-legal point of view. For processing or receipt in an eFile solution, it is essential that the incoming messages with their different characteristics are also received and checked correctly with regard to authenticity, integrity and legal bindingness before they are transferred to eFiles or long-term storage for preservation of evidentiary value.

The connection to, for example, Governikus DATA Aeonia is optionally possible directly on the Governikus MultiMessenger or later on the eFile. Process steps that have been carried out and the corresponding check results are logged in a process card, assigned to the message and noted in the so-called post office book. This This ensures gapless traceability.

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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the security-critical usage scenario and requirements, Governikus MultiMessenger supports numerous features, such as:

  • Multi-channel communication for inbound and outbound messages
  • Central encryption and decryption of all messages
  • Central verification of national and European signatures and time stamps
  • Management of digital identities, certificates and access opening
  • Standardized interfaces for the connection of virus checking systems and TR-ESOR evidence preservation
  • uvm.


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GMM product brochure
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