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Governikus DATA Aeonia makes it easy to preserve the evidentiary value of your electronic documents and data. Whether it's online applications, contracts, pleadings or patient data, whether they have just been digitized or have been digital since their creation: digital documents and data require reliable characteristics for their integrity and authenticity. Electronic signatures and seals ensure this.

Due to legally regulated long retention periods and ever shorter IT innovation cycles, it is important that the evidentiary values generated by the signatures and seals are permanently preserved. This can be done manually or organizationally by various means, but this is very time-consuming and personnel-intensive as well as price-intensive.

DATA Aeonia offers you an efficient, automated and marketable solution for generating evidence values that is TR-ESOR compliant.

To give you a first overview of all DATA Aeonia's features, we have a startup configuration that can be used to put the DATA Aeonia solution into operation for testing and development purposes (including cryptographic key material for client authentication of the specialist application) within about 30 minutes.

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3 good reasons for Governikus DATA Aeonia

Legal certainty

Governikus DATA Aeonia ensures highest court usability and international acceptance.

Application IT Planning Council

Modules are developed according to TR-ESOR reference architecture within the Governikus application.

Specified standards

Open standards enable flexible and easy integration into IT infrastructures.

The challenge of legally compliant storage of electronic documents

A TR-ESOR solution is relevant for all electronic data. Governikus DATA Aeonia (formerly Governikus LZA) ensures the preservation of evidentiary value for both documents/data originally created and transmitted electronically as well as for scanned documents. In order to be able to actually destroy paper documents after scanning, the chain of evidence from scanning to storage must be unbroken (TR-RESISCAN of the BSI).

Suitable security measures can only be taken by using PKI-based cryptography methods and time-stamp services. Doing this manually involves considerable effort and may not ensure legal certainty.

Technical Guideline 03125 (TR-ESOR) of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) provides the solution. A TR-ESOR-compliant product architecture makes it possible for the evidence values to be generated via hash trees and time stamps.

With Governikus DATA Aeonia, we have developed a product that is based on the reference architecture of the BSI. By integrating it into your existing system landscape, your data and evidentiary assets will endure over the long term - regardless of data carriers and systems. This offers you investment and legal security.

With DATA Aeonia, we have also ensured that it can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures: it has numerous standardized interfaces to widespread eFile and DMS systems, it supports various storage technologies for filing, and has a system-independent front end (search and display service).

Reuse of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council

We took another advantage into account when designing DATA Aeonia: We use standard components of the Governikus application, which we continuously maintain and develop as a product of the IT Planning Council on behalf of the federal and state governments. This is also efficient and reliable for you. In concrete terms, this means that two of three TR-ESOR modules - the crypto and the ArchiSig module - are already available to the public sector across the board via the Governikus application.

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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the security-critical application scenario and requirements, Governikus DATA Aeonia supports numerous features, such as:

  • Creation, reading, updating and discarding of XAIP archive containers (ArchiSafe module)
  • Validation of eIDAS-compliant signatures, seals and time stamps (crypto module)
  • All relevant signature formats are supported, e.g. CAdES (detached/enveloped) and embedded signatures according to PAdES standard
  • Automatic generation of initial evidence values (hash tree and timestamp)
  • Functions for user-controlled renewal of hash trees as well as timestamps (ArchiSig module)
  • uvm.


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