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In the context of both the Online Access Act (OZG) and the Register Modernization Act (RegMoG), written or secure consent by the applicant are essential.

On the one hand, this is the only way to implement verifiable applications for digital administrative services, and on the other hand, it will provide a secure basis for transparency for citizens and companies regarding their administrative communications. Governikus ID Crucis is a central building block for uniformly obtaining written consent from one or more citizens for applications by means of identification via online ID. By outsourcing the process of obtaining consent, the process flows for all online services of the public administration are significantly simplified.

ID Crucis uses the eID server Governikus ID Panstar (also available as Governikus eID service) and can also be connected to ID Panstar via Governikus ID Mercury for temporary authentication in the Consent workflow.

In addition, ID Crucis supports written corporate consent through identification using My Corporate Account (ELSTER) by connecting to ID Mercury.

Governikus ID Crucis is available as part of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council to federal, state and local governments. In the context of Governikus SigningBroker, ID Crucis functions as an "identity card route".

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3 good reasons for Governikus ID Crucis

OZG Implementation

Application submitted in writing using online ID.

Process workflows

The integration optimizes process workflows of administrative services.

Continuous further development

Continuous development and maintenance via the IT Planning Council's Governikus application.

Compliance with the written form by the applicant

Approximately 8 - 10% of OZG services require the written form. According to the Administrative Procedure Act (§ 3a), applications can be "signed" in a legally binding manner using online identification (in addition to a qualified signature or De-Mail). Governikus ID Crucis combines the online identification and the corresponding consent data with the application data. The overall data set is finally sealed electronically.

By sealing, the approval of the application by means of the online ID card is cryptographically secured and can be verified as validateable even long-term in the technical systems used for further processing.

In addition, simultaneous secure consent to multiple applications by one or more applicants is enabled through easy integration into user-friendly process flows.

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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the usage scenario and requirements, the Governikus ID Crucis application supports numerous features, such as:

  • Simplification for online services by outsourcing the secure consent process
  • Linking the eID data and consent data with the application data
  • Integrity protection through electronic sealing
  • Use of open standards and interoperable, standardized interfaces
  • Simple forwarding to the business systems
  • etc.


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