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Governikus ID Mercury (formerly Governikus Autent ID Connect) provides central server components you need for modern identity management.

The product acts as a multi-eID solution for implementing user-friendly, yet secure registration and login tokens at different trust levels.

Governikus ID Mercury bundles identity providers and authentication options without you having to connect them individually to your infrastructure. ID Mercury relies on open standards (Open ID Connect and SAML). For the use of online ID cards and eIDAS-notified eID systems, the product solution accesses Governikus ID Panstar.

With ID Mercury you are able to provide your users with different options and a wide range of electronic identities for registrations and logins.

Governikus ID Mercury also offers solution modules for implementing service accounts and corporate accounts (the so-called user accounts), enables the bundling of authorization certificates (only possible in public administration) and ensures interoperability with other user accounts.

The product solution is continuously developed and maintained as part of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council.

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3 good reasons for Governikus ID Mercury


Authentication broker for integration of other identity providers, e.g. Verimi.


Solution modules for the implementation of portal networks and user accounts (service accounts, company accounts).


Governikus ID Mercury relies on open standards and creates interoperability with other user accounts.

A variety of authentication means

Governikus ID Mercury provides a variety of authentication means. The product can be used, for example, in the course of specialized procedures to obtain and use user data after successful authentication, by the user:s at a requested level of trust. Current authentication means are:

  • Online ID card (soon also smart-eID)
  • eIDAS
  • Verimi
  • Service account.Pass (in interaction with the service account)
  • User account.Bund
  • External service accounts (in interaction with the service account)
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The most important core functionalities

Governikus ID Mercury was designed and implemented as a comprehensive identity management solution. Depending on the security-critical usage scenario and requirement, the application supports numerous features, such as:

  • Open ID Connect interface for connecting online services/portals
  • Interoperability with other service accounts
  • Authentication with the ELSTER company account as well as with the online ID card
  • eIDAS-capable
  • Connection of multiple Autent servers possible
  • uvm.


Governikus ID Mercury
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