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To enable companies nationwide to process applications simply, quickly and without media discontinuity, the federal government has decided to create a standardized company account as part of the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG). This is intended to facilitate access to digital administrative services via a central platform for contact with public authorities. The federal states of Bavaria and Bremen have been commissioned to develop the standardized corporate account, including mailbox functionalities.

Based on the ELSTER technology from Bavaria, which is already established in the tax sector, a central online portal with the uniform corporate account - My Corporate Account (Mein.UK) - will be offered in the future. In addition to the already existing and well-known "ELSTER mailbox", Bremen contributes an extended mailbox as well as the necessary authorization mechanisms.

Both functionalities were requested in particular by representatives and associations from the business community.

Bremen relies on the expertise of its IT service providers and has commissioned Dataport to implement the authorization module and Governikus to implement the extended corporate mailbox (working title OZG-PLUS Postfach). This includes the modules for business and government (MuWiSta), which consist of modules 5 + 6 of the unified corporate account. The extended company mailbox will also enable companies to participate in electronic legal transactions - i.e., communication with the judiciary.

Both the corporate mailbox and the authorization module developed by Dataport are scheduled to go live nationwide in 2023.

Convenient and legally binding communication with authorities and the judiciary for companies

The unified corporate account is designed to facilitate access to administrative services, in line with the OZG. Companies can easily set up and configure their extended company mailbox with their ELSTER organization certificate.

The MuWiSta - modules 5 and 6 provide solutions for written form substituting communication for organizations. The "module 5" developed by us - the so-called OZG-PLUS mailbox - offers extended mailbox functionalities in the company account.

With MuWiSta - Module 5, we are therefore pursuing two overarching goals:

  1. A service that standardizes communication between administration and organizations. In this context, unification means the similar way of accessing and sending messages and not the unification of the respective infrastructures.
  2. Creating a bridge between the respective infrastructures and at the same time a unified approach so that further domain-specific approaches become unnecessary.

The 6 building blocks at a glance


Company account

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Functionalities of MuWiSta - Module 5

The corporate mailbox enables communication with a wide range of administrative departments and bundles them in an end-to-end encrypted web application for structured data transfer.

  • The communication can be initially triggered by companies (application) as well as by the administration. Depending on the scenario, messages or notifications received can be responded to via the company mailbox.
  • The company mailbox enables legally binding delivery.
  • Functional mailboxes as well as group mailboxes are supported, and substitute rules can also be set up.
  • Infrastructures, such as the EGVP system for electronic legal transactions, are integrated via the company mailbox. This means that companies can communicate with the judiciary, among others, via the company mailbox in addition to communicating with public authorities using eBO (electronic citizens' and organizations' mailbox).
  • Companies can easily set up and configure their extended corporate mailbox with their ELSTER organization certificate.

Module 01
"My UK" is the frontend for the modules 2 to 4. Here the user account can be managed and the mailbox 2.0 can be viewed. (Bavaria)
My company account
My company account
Module 02
An interface for specialized procedures that can be used to log into digital administrative services with "My UK". (Bavaria)
My company account
My company account
Building block 03
On the NEZO portal, it is possible to easily switch between digital administrative services that have connected "My UK". (Bavaria)
My company account
My company account
Building block 04
A post office box for the bundled provision of notifications and notices. (Bavaria)
My company account
My company account
MuWiSta - Module 05
Enables access to the various public administration and judicial mailbox systems, as well as the use of functional and group mailboxes for companies. Thanks to the use of modern cryptography, there is end-to-end encryption within the group and functional mailboxes. (Bremen - Governikus)
MuWiSta - Module 06
Authorization control and overview of active enterprise accounts for service-providing authorities and organizations. (Bremen - Dataport)
Authorization module
Authorization module


November 2021

Commissioning of the MUWISTA project

Bremen commissions Dataport and Governikus to implement the MUWISTA (Modules for Economy and State) project, which includes modules 5 and 6 in the enterprise account.

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February 2022

GoLive of the Self Service Portal (SSP)

September 2022

Closed pilot with basic functionalities for administrations (specialized procedures)

February 2023

Closed pilot with extended functionalities for administrations (specialized procedures)


Release MJP

Natural persons can use legally binding, electronic legal transactions via a BundID account.


Public piloting for administrations (specialized procedures)


MuWiSta - Building Block 5 is provided

From Q3/2023

My corporate account is available with all building blocks

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, this is regulated in the framework agreement and in OGZ 2. However, there is no direct connection between the modules. Thus, it has no influence on the function mailboxes.
Yes, users will be able to use the OZG-PLUS mailbox and/or the mailbox 2.0, which is implicitly assigned to an organization certificate.
The use and the interface should be as identical as possible, so that the users do not experience any distinction between My Corporate Account and OZG-PLUS mailbox.
The function mailbox designations should not be cryptic designations, but human-speakable. This would make it possible to assign them to the functional mailboxes. From the system's point of view, the assignment is made via a certificate directory that shows which functional mailboxes a company has. The correct mailbox can be selected via the appropriate encryption certificate. This requires a connection to the NEZO interface.
Yes, both mailboxes have their own interface for the pseudonyms and can therefore be distinguished.
Yes, Chambers of Crafts are eligible to purchase products from the Governikus application under the state and federal maintenance agreement. This includes COM Despina, which is required for pilot participation.
This is the case according to the Online Access Act (OZG).
The desired mailbox must first be selected by the user when a request is made.

You want to be a pilot?

For a pilot request to connect specialized procedures to the transport route interface for the OZG-PLUS mailbox, please fill out the following contact form:

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