Governikus DATA Boreum - single license

One software - Many functions:

Governikus DATA Boreum is the successor product to Governikus Signer. As a client application for signing and validating and for encrypting and decrypting, DATA Boreum makes an easy-to-use, ETSI- and eIDAS-compliant contribution to securing your data.

Information about Governikus DATA Boreum can be found here.

A free 30-day trial version and the corresponding documentation for the Windows and Mac OS operating systems are available in our download area.

Installation & License Key

DATA Boreum is provided with a standalone installer. Existing installations and configurations of Governikus Signer will not be overwritten or used (uninstalling the Governikus Signer application is recommended once DATA Boreum is fully installed and set up).

If you have already purchased and are using a license key for Governikus Signer, you can use the same key for DATA Boreum. A switch to DATA Boreum within the runtime is possible.

Java OpenJDK 11

Governikus DATA Boreum is now shipped with a Java 11 JRE from OpenJDK. This is the new "long-term-support version". The switch from Oracle Java to OpenJDK brings security in licensing issues, because OpenJDK is a free Java version ( License: GNU GPL 2).

User interface

DATA Boreum has an almost barrier-free user interface. Although the user interface has changed visually with new graphics, the user guidance is very closely based on Governikus Signer. This ensures a steep learning curve when switching from Governikus Signer to DATA Boreum. If you have already used Governikus Signer, Governikus DATA Boreum will not puzzle you.

The user interface has been thoroughly revised with regard to accessibility requirements. You can use screen readers and a Braille display. All GUI elements are accessible via keyboard navigation and with keyboard shortcuts, and the user interface is zoomable.

Test report

The test protocol of DATA Boreum has changed compared to the test protocol of Governikus Signer. A test protocol is still created by Governikus DATA Boreum as the result of a validation. The test protocol now implements the requirements from the new ETSI standards. The validation results have the same meaning, but the presentation of the validation result in the test protocol has changed. Validation of digital signatures is performed in accordance with the technical standards developed in the context of the eIDAS Regulation. Therefore, the new test protocol has a significantly expanded scope and is divided into three sections that can be expanded to different depths depending on the validation subject.

Technical data

Governikus DATA Boreum can be installed on any standard PC with Internet access. The software is suitable for use on Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

To create signatures you need:

  • a signature card and a chip card reader or
  • a software certificate (*.p12 or *.pfx)

Scope of delivery

Access information to the installation files for Governikus DATA Boreum and user:inside documentation(s).
For the purchased license you will receive a license key for 365 days of usage. After expiration of the 12 month usage period, the license key becomes invalid. The price also includes support for the purchased usage period.