Bremen/Inning, March 04, 2020

The Inning am Ammersee-based software provider inovoo and the Bremen-based full-service provider for IT security software Governikus have agreed to intensify their partnership.

The aim is to create synergy effects for input management with intelligent workflows by integrating the Governikus solutions established in public administration and the judiciary with the inovoo solutions, which are strongly represented in the healthcare market in particular.

  • Additional connection channels for the inovoo NOVO CxP solution through Governikus MultiMessenger
  • Short-term integration of beBPo as a Service in NOVO CxP
  • Medium-term deeper integration of Governikus MultiMessenger into NOVO CxP

Efficient and intelligent multichannel communication is one of the major challenges in digitizing processes. The multi-channel platform Governikus MultiMessenger (GMM) enables the decentralized acceptance and sending of and to a variety of communication channels, such as S/MIME- or PGP-encrypted e-mails, DE-Mail, OSCI-/EGVP messages, e-invoices e.g. via Peppol, transmission channels notified according to the eIDAS regulation of the European Commission or XML data via XTA. All certificate checks, encryption and decryption, and logging of incoming and outgoing messages are handled by the GMM as a virtual mailroom and transmitted to a target system of the recipient's choice.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in the powerful software solution NOVO CxP(CommunicationExchange Platform) from inovoo GmbH which turns content into knowledge. NOVO CxP extracts processing-relevant content from documents and data. Tedious typing of content data from scanned documents or e-mails is now a thing of the past. NOVO CxP automatically extracts the relevant information and assigns it to the relevant specialist process and person responsible.

Justice communication for the health sector

Since January 1, 2018, the Act on the Promotion of Electronic Legal Transactions with Courts has made it mandatory for public authorities, corporations and institutions under public law, as well as other persons, professional groups and organizations that can be assumed to be more reliable, to offer electronic communication with courts via a so-called secure transmission channel. In addition to DE-Mail, the law explicitly stipulates the transmission channel via a special public authority mailbox (beBPo), which is based on the EGVP system established in the judiciary.

With beBPo as a Service, Governikus offers the possibility of receiving beBPo messages and forwarding them to an existing e-mail system or sending beBPo messages from an e-mail system. beBPo as a Service uses, among other things, the Governikus MultiMessenger software, which is developed and maintained by the Bremen security experts as an application of the IT Planning Council. By integrating it into NOVO CXP, the inovoo solution can thus be expanded to include another reception channel.

"The short-term integration of beBPo as a service is the first step in our intensified partnership," says Florian Scheld, Director Products at Governikus. "In a further step, we are aiming for an even deeper integration into NOVO CxP, on the one hand to be able to perform intelligent sorting in GMM and on the other hand to enable inovoo to have even more channels in input management."

Florian Scheld, Director Products, Governikus KG

"We are looking forward to increased joint activities with Governikus," adds Thomas Schneider, Managing Director of inovoo GmbH, Inning. "Through the beBPo as a Service solution in operation at Governikus, it will be quite easy for our customers, e.g. health insurance companies, to comply with legal requirements and to be able to realize communication with the judiciary without much effort now also via NOVO CxP."

Thomas Schneider, Managing Director, inovoo GmbH


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