Uncomplicated identification with AusweisIDent from D-Trust

22 November 2022 | 11:00 a.m.

Get to know AusweisIDent and Nect! D-Trust, Nect and Governikus present the joint solution for the identification of insured persons with the online ID card in a free webinar.

Since the ban on video identification procedures, many health insurance companies have been looking for suitable identification procedures to uniquely identify their policyholders. Secure identification of insured persons is essential for digital healthcare and necessary for access to the electronic patient file.

The joint case from D-Trust, Nect and Governikus shows how identification with the online ID card works: In this free webinar for health insurers, Nicole Stautz (Marketing Manager Digital Identities, D-Trust, pictured above), Petra Waldmüller-Schantz (Marketing & Academy, Governikus, pictured below) and Benny Bennet Jürgens (CEO & Founder, Nect) present the use of AusweisIDent in the Nect Wallet.

The live webinar is just right for you if you are interested in the following benefits:

  • Secure identification based on the online ID card
  • Simple switching of the eID function via the Nect interface
  • Get started quickly and use the online ID card as a supplementary identification procedure

Thanks to the integration of AusweisIDent, the identification service from D-Trust and Governikus, Nect can offer its customers a complementary identification procedure via the familiar interface: As an ident procedure based on eID, AusweisIDent complements AI-based procedures and offers Nect a highly secure procedure for its customers.

And these are the contents you can look forward to:

  • Why are secure digital identities needed by insureds?
  • How can identities of insured persons be confirmed and what alternatives are there after the video-ident ban?
  • How is AusweisIDent Online used with Nect and what are the advantages?

Get answers to these questions and more on November 22, 2022 - register now for the free webinar.

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