Review of the "TandemPower" project

On February 20, the joint company workshop day took place with 22 students from Wilhelm-Olbers-Oberschule in our Social Zone in Bremen. The aim of the project initiated by bremen digitalmedia e.V. is to bring young people together with the digital economy and offer them a cliché-free career orientation.

Five dedicated colleagues worked as tandem mentors with a mixed group of students aged between 16 and 20 in small groups. The participants from the secondary school made a conscious decision to take part in this workshop and were all very motivated and creative when working on their tasks. First, there was a rally through the company building. Afterwards, they worked in small groups with our colleagues to develop individual visions of how they think IT will be used in 2044 and how it will change their lives. It was an enriching experience for us to be able to immerse ourselves in the minds of young people and to be inspired by the inspiring presentations of the project results.

Some students have already asked what opportunities there are to gain a foothold at Governikus after leaving school. In addition to training as office management assistants, Governikus offers training in two different specializations for IT specialists: System integration with a focus on solutions or infrastructure and application development. For those who prefer to study, there is the option of a dual course of study in the International Women's Study Program in Computer Science at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Students can also support our teams in various areas as student employees and gain valuable practical experience.

We would like to thank the initiators for this opportunity as well as the organizers and colleagues who worked with the students.

We would be delighted to continue the project and would be happy to participate again to share our enthusiasm for IT with the next generation!

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