An interview with Marc Horstmann

Since the beginning of the year, it has become mandatory for various professional groups and companies to communicate with the judiciary electronically. This requires a special mailbox, such as the eBO (electronic citizens' and organizations' mailbox), and transmission software.

After initial delays in implementation, a corresponding client is now available to the judiciary. And since 08 June 2022, Governikus COM Vibilia is also available, the link between enterprise software and the justice system.

Marc Horstmann (Business Area Justice & Europe / Authorized Signatory Governikus) tells in an interview with Collenda how companies now have to adjust to the new regulation and which changes are necessary. In addition, he explains what companies need to do to be able to use the eBO properly. Horstmann also discusses the special features for public authorities and persons under public law.

Read the entire interview here: Electronic Data Interchange Obligation - What Data Subjects Need to Keep in Mind

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