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After almost 3 years of project duration, the BMWK-funded ONCE (ONline Einfach anmElden) successfully came to an end on December 31, 2023. Governikus worked for 27 months with partners from public administration and the private sector under the leadership of Bundesdruckerei to make everyday life easier for citizens with the help of digital identities.

The project developed solutions to enable users to identify themselves digitally in the transport, tourism and hotel sectors. Digital identities that are technically secure and come from trustworthy institutions and companies were therefore the focus of development.

Among other things, the network of experts designed the so-called "ONCE ID gateway", which can be used to transfer identity data to service providers if required. These interfaces should enable operators of internet services to use and verify the ID data. It is only logical to place the smartphone at the center of this and to enable citizens to manage and transfer ID data to the smartphone and subsequently control access with an app (ONCE Wallet app).

For example, the Nuremberg-based technology company HelloGuest eliminated costly and time-consuming hotel check-in processes and replaced them with streamlined digital processes using the online ID function. It relied on AusweisIDent, a solution from Governikus and partner company D-Trust. A connection to the AusweisApp was also integrated into the company's own application.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all cooperation partners involved in the project for their commitment, dedication and collaboration.

ONCE is a project that has been selected from the "Secure Digital Identities Showcase" innovation competition organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. The innovation competition promotes outstanding approaches for new ID ecosystems in which users can digitally identify themselves to service providers or authorities with their smartphone in everyday life." (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection)

Participants in the ONCE research project
Participants in the ONCE research project
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