Privacy information

The protection of personal data is the basis for the development of Governikus products and solutions. When collecting and processing personal data, §3a of the Federal Data Protection Act stipulates data avoidance and data economy. We implement this requirement in the design and implementation(Privacy by Design) and configuration(Privacy by Default) of our software products and solutions.

Legal basis

The development, implementation and configuration of our products and solutions are based on legal principles:


The EU GDPR, there Art. 25 and Recital 78, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

DSAnpUG-EU draft

The official explanatory memorandum to DSAnpUG-EU draft on this provision.

Product development

Pre-planned development and daily testing of development statuses help to identify and thus prevent gaps in personal data processing. In doing so, the protection of this data is anchored as the basic attitude of our products and secured from the collection of the data to its deletion. In concrete terms, this is implemented through recognized, proven and modern standards.

Data separation into personal data and process data applies to all products, which means, for example, that the log files written by the products do not contain any personal data and can only be used for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Access protection for server products takes place on two levels. Governikus KG recommends the operation of server products in secured rooms, in a protected infrastructure with controlled access (firewalls) to intra- and internet (DMZ). Within this specially protected area, access to the server products also requires user authentication. Client products are installed on standalone computers, with operating systems requiring user authentication.

Data protection in Governikus products

The Secure Communication Suite products are based, among other things, on the OSCI network protocol, in which messages are signed and transmitted end-to-end in encrypted form. In the case of the OSCI-based XML in public administration standards (XML in public administration), the message contents and attachments (content containers) are also mandatorily encrypted.

The Secure Identity Suite products authenticate electronic identities. Here, too, data is transmitted only in encrypted form. Certificates and signatures used are checked to ensure that valid statements about the integrity of data and the authenticity of identities are always available.

The Secure Data Suite includes the long-term archive LTA, which is TR-ESOR certified (BSI Technical Guideline 03125) and guarantees evidence-preserving, secure long-term storage of documents.

Protected production environment

Governikus products are developed in specially protected premises. Access is secured with transponders and an alarm system. The spatial protection and the protection of the specially secured production infrastructure are described in the Governikus security concept, on the basis of which the evaluation according to Common Criteria is carried out. The trustworthiness requirement "Development Security (ALC_DVS.1)" from the trustworthiness class "Life-Cycle Support (ALC)" is checked. In addition, this concept supplements the data protection concept.

Product configuration

The Governikus server products Governikus Service Components (SC), Governikus Long-Term Archive (LTA) and Governikus MultiMessenger (GMM) are complex systems whose configurations enable protected and data-saving data processing. Only authorized persons have access to configuration and administration. Configurations of server products are designed in such a way that only adaptation to the customer's infrastructure and the use of the customer's own key material is required to ensure that the productive system meets the high standards of data protection and data security.

Evaluation of hazards

As an ongoing process, a technical assessment of threats is performed by our Technology Coaches. This concerns both the technologies used in Governikus products and the third-party products used, as well as the security and availability of the infrastructure. All relevant sources reporting on these products are monitored and evaluated. If a security or availability-relevant threat applies to us, we react immediately via proven procedures such as software updates, mailings or patches. In this way, the security of the delivered Governikus products and thus the security of personal data processing are guaranteed and documented.

Our data protection officer

Christian Drews

Christian Drews

Director Legal & Regulatory


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