IT Planning Council

Woman in authority talking with clientele DVDV and SAFE applications The German Administrative Services Directory is the cross-departmental and cross-administration infrastructure component for secure addressing of automated specialized procedures for communication between and with public authorities. Learn more "
Older woman with gray hair in home office Governikus application Specifically, the Governikus application enables compliant processing and confidential end-to-end encrypted transmission of data and documents. Learn more "
Germany map Governikus MultiMessenger application Governikus MultiMessenger is an application of the IT Planning Council, which is managed under the leadership of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in the IT Planning Council. Learn more "
Woman explains something to man The IT Planning Council & the FITKO The IT Planning Council coordinates the cooperation of the federal government and the states in matters of information technology and manages projects of government and administration supported by information and communication technology. Learn more "