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Online Access Act implementation with remote signatures and online banking

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Governikus SigningBroker (GSB) drives digitization for the benefit of citizens AND public administration.

Implementation of the Online Access Act and the total of 575 Online Access Act services to be implemented at all federal levels is progressing. The implementation deadline is the end of 2022, but there are still a number of unanswered questions. One of them concerns the nationwide possibility of implementing the -depending on state law- approx. 10-14% Online Access Act services requiring written form in a media-interruption-free and user-friendly manner. Part of the answer is: "Submit applications via online ID".

Although several years have passed since the introduction of the online ID card, it is only in the last year that all German citizens have had such an ID card (of which an estimated 6 million have actually used it). In addition, legal and technical hurdles had to be removed (such as with the law on the promotion of electronic identities passed in 2017). Last but not least, there has been a lack of usage options in recent years, which is why many citizen:s have not seen the need to engage with the online ID. This will gradually change with further OZG offerings or the smart eID that will be available in the future.

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3 good reasons for Governikus SigningBroker

Fast Online Access Act implementation

With Governikus SigningBroker you can offer all Online Access Act services to almost all citizens - user-friendly, fast and without media discontinuity.

Remote signature procurement

Governikus takes care of all commercial and contractual aspects and passes on the resulting price advantages to the public administration.

Less time and costs

Governikus SigningBroker comes without any additional costs, but continuous maintenance and further development.

Submit applications using remote signatures via online banking

There are around 6 million online ID card users and around 50 million online banking users. These 50 million people have gone through a legitimation process at their bank due to legal requirements and are familiar with secure login mechanisms. Banks therefore have solid identity data and have already "guided" their customers through the more complex authentication processes. The legal changes made in 2017 make it possible to integrate such so-called identity providers into online processes.

At EU level, the European Commission has enabled the use of remote signatures with the eIDAS Regulation. This means that a qualified electronic remote signature can be requested and created by identity providers (e.g. banks) via a secure identity at a trust service provider. The users do not need any additional tools or knowledge other than the authentication means they are familiar with from their bank.

Thanks to Governikus SigningBroker, you can offer all Online Access Act services for almost all citizens - user-friendly, fast and without media discontinuity. Your citizens can also easily submit applications requiring written form online and your employees can concentrate on processing the applications without having to first enter paper-based applications into your business process applications into your specialist procedures or e-files.

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The most important core functionalities

The release strategy of Governikus SigningBroker provides for monthly updates. Thus, it is not only kept on the latest security level on a monthly basis, but also continuously supplied with new features.

The following features are planned for Governikus SigningBroker:

  • Sign any number of documents in one process
  • Configurable GUI
  • Signing via online banking

Furthermore, the following features are planned:

  • Connection of further identity providers
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems
  • Support for multiple signers


Governikus SigningBroker
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