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The signature and sealing platform from DATA Sign combines all functions relating to electronic signing and sealing. From the signing or sealing process to its authenticity/validity check (validation), the entire process is combined for you in one tool.

Regardless of whether you want to provide a large number of documents with your seal/signature, whether an advanced or qualified signature/seal is required and whether you want to use a remote signature provider or a signature card with reader: with DATA Sign you have all requirements covered with one software.

DATA Sign also offers many other functions and is constantly being further developed by us. For example, you can use the User Self Service to manage your key material or open an account with remote signature providers.

DATA Sign is part of the IT Planning Council's Governikus application.

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3 good reasons for Governikus DATA Sign


Electronic signatures, seals and time stamps ensure the integrity of your documents with DATA Sign.


The authenticity of the signatures and seals is guaranteed by validating various evidence values

Legally binding

The software covers all the criteria of qualified signatures / seals so that they are legally valid.

One product for different requirements

DATA Sign, the signature and sealing platform, is the merger of DATA Deneb and DATA Varuna with a UX and UI-optimized web interface that makes signing and sealing as well as the validation process modern and intuitive. The individual functions, such as electronic signing and sealing (DATA Deneb) or the validation of digital signatures and digital certificates (including the determination of the legal level and type of digital signatures) (DATA Varuna) in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, are retained and merely merged.


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Workflow with Governikus DATA Sign
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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the application scenario and requirements, the Governikus DATA Sign application supports numerous features, such as

  • Multisignatures and -seals for PAdES, XAdES and CAdES
  • Internal and external time stamps (the latter using D-Trust, Utimaco, TeleSec and DGN)
  • Advanced electronic signatures and seals with Keymanager
  • Qualified electronic signatures and seals with the auxiliary component of the Sign Service, Crypto Host, to which the card reader and smart card, also called QSCD, are connected
  • Multiple services for server-side validation of electronic signatures/seals and electronic certificates


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