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Validation of electronic signatures and seals as a web application

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NOTE: Governikus DATA Pavonis will be discontinued on 31.12.2023. Support and all associated functions will continue with full functionality for the next two years. Switch now to Governikus DATA Sign, which in addition to sealing and signing also covers the validation functionalities already known from DATA Pavonis.

The signature and sealing platform from DATA Sign combines all functions relating to electronic signing and sealing. From the signing or sealing process to its authenticity/validity check (validation), the entire process is combined for you in one tool.

DATA Sign is a component of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council.

Governikus DATA Pavonis is a web application for validating electronic signatures and certificates.

For legally binding, electronic correspondence and document exchange, the integrity and authenticity of the data must be guaranteed. This is achieved with electronic signatures. For the generation and validation of electronic signatures as well as for the management of electronically signed documents, users need support by suitable software programs. Governikus DATA Pavonis offers the appropriate support.

The DATA Pavonis web application can be used to verify qualified electronic signatures, qualified electronic seals and certificates from trust service providers. It provides an easy-to-use, ETSI and eIDAS compliant contribution to the validation of signed or sealed documents, as well as to the validation of certificates.

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3 good reasons for Governikus DATA Pavonis


Validation for automatic processing can be integrated into a specialist application.


Open, standardized interfaces and web services for connectivity.


Expandable with complementary products and solutions.

All functions in one application

Governikus DATA Pavonis can provide the validation via a web application with user interaction and and provides a validation protocol in HTML format or as a PDF file as a response. This makes the application available to any person authorized by the administrator.

In addition, the validation can also be executed via a web service, which then returns a validation protocol in XML format as a response, and the validation can be integrated into a business process application for automatic processing.

The connected servers

For validation, Governikus DATA Pavonis accesses the Certificate Validation Server (CVS) of the Governikus DATA Varuna product.

Validation service
The validation service replaces the previous OCSP/CRL-Relay. Governikus DATA Pavonis can pass qualified electronic signatures or seals to the validation service for validation. Certificates issued by a trust service provider can also be validated with the validation service.

DATA Pavonis generates a validation protocol from the test result, which can be output either in human-readable HTML or PDF format, or in machine-readable XML format.

Validation Protocol
A validation protocol is created by Governikus DATA Pavonis as a result of a validation and implements the requirements from the new ETSI standards. The validation results have the same meaning, but the presentation of the validation result in the validation protocol has changed. Validation of digital signatures is performed according to the technical standards developed in the context of the eIDAS Regulation.

The new validation protocol thus has a significantly expanded scope and is divided into three sections that can be expanded to different depths depending on the validation object.

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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the security-critical application scenario and requirements, Governikus DATA Pavonis supports numerous features, such as:

  • Validation of digital signatures
  • Validation of signed PDF documents with PAdES and CAdES signatures and XML files with XAdES signatures*.
  • Validation of signed documents located in OSCI and ZIP containers as well as ASiC containers **.
  • Validation of signed OSCI messages with XML signatures, De-Mail messages with DKIM and XAdES signatures andE-Mails with S/MIME signatures
  • Creation of a Governikus validation protocol in HTML and PDF formats as well as ETSI-SVR (XML)

* ETSI baseline formats in all levels according to ETSI specifications.
** detached CAdES and XAdES signatures only


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