COM Vibilia beBPo Edition
Exchange of electronic documents with the judiciary

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Governikus COM Vibilia beBPo Edition meets all legal requirements for the exchange of electronic documents with the judiciary and the secure transmission channel beBPo in accordance with the Electronic Legal Transactions Ordinance.

Communication takes place via the SAFE directory service.

  • Exchange of electronic documents with the judiciary via a secure transmission channel in accordance with ERVV (Elektronischer-Rechtsverkehrs-Verordnung - Electronic Legal Transactions Ordinance)
  • Meets all legal requirements for the special public authority mailbox
  • Attachment as well as verification and display of a trusted origin certificate (VHN) to prove the identity of the sender.
  • Convenient submission of an electronic acknowledgement of receipt as well as automatic creation of the required XML structure record
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3 good reasons for Governikus COM Vibilia beBPo Edition

Wide range of application scenarios

The Governikus COM Vibilia beBPo Edition offers application possibilities in XML in public administration and EGVP scenarios as well as individual project solutions.

Electronic legal communication

Justice communication for different application groups with COM Vibilia beBPO Edition.

Application of the IT Planning Council

Governikus COM Vibilia is part of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council.

Who is COM Vibilia beBPo Edition suitable for?

You want to communicate with the justice system and belong to one of the following groups:

  • Federal, state and local authorities
  • Corporations and institutions under public law, e.g.
  • Persons, professional groups and organizations that can be assumed to have increased reliability

How can I obtain COM Vibilia beBPo Edition?

The retrieval from the framework contract of the Governikus application is carried out for organizations of the federal states and municipalities via the so-called notified bodies. Please contact the office responsible for you.

For organizations of the federal government (including most health insurance companies), the call-off is carried out via the authority authorized to call-off at the federal government. For this purpose, please send us your requirements notification informally by e-mail. We will take care of the processing and contact you.

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