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Legally binding and secure data exchange

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The OSCI 1.2 transport protocol is the standard for legally binding and secure data exchange in and with public administration and the judiciary in electronic legal transactions.

Governikus COM Tauri (formerly OSCI Manager of Governikus Service Components), as an intermediary, ensures legally binding and secure data exchange by means of strong end-to-end encryption and electronic signatures.

Governikus COM Tauri extends the OSCI 1.2 specification of the Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT) with access control mechanisms based on directory services and statistical evaluations.

As a component of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council, COM Tauri is also continuously developed and maintained in line with requirements.

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3 good reasons for Governikus COM Tauri

Legally binding

Legally binding and secure data exchange is ensured in compliance with the DSGVO and based on the established IT standard OSCI 1.2.

OSCI standard

OSCI is based on the globally recognized XML and SOAP standards coordinated by the W3C. OSCI is the transport standard in e-government and e-justice.

Continuous further development

As part of the IT Planning Council's Governikus application, COM Tauri is continuously developed and maintained in line with requirements.

Transmission standard OSCI transport

Governikus COM Tauri enables secure data exchange via OSCI 1.2, as required by a wide range of laws and regulations, e.g. in registration, electronic legal transactions and much more. Currently, almost 1 billion OSCI messages are exchanged annually throughout Germany via the Governikus OSCI intermediary, which is operated in the federal, state and municipal data centers.

OSCI supports the protection of personal data as well as data integrity through strong end-to-end encryption and the use of electronic signatures. The necessary data structures for receipt mechanisms with time stamps are also defined by OSCI. Similar to "registered mail with return receipt", the receipt and retrieval of messages can thus be proven without gaps.

COM Tauri implements the freely available OSCI library and extends it with additional functionalities.

Furthermore, there are integration possibilities to the solutions Governikus COM Despina and Governikus COM Vibilia as well as EGVP Enterprise and Governikus MultiMessenger.

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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the usage scenario and requirements, the Governikus COM Tauri application supports numerous features for legally binding and secure data exchange, such as:

  • Strong end-to-end encryption
  • Access control based on directory services (connection to DVDV, SAFE and others)
  • Extensions of the OSCI 1.2 specification, e.g. also for large data volumes
  • Selection of scenario-specific configurations
  • Interface to monitoring via Prometheus and Grafana
  • uvm.


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