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Electronic legal transactions with the special public authority mailbox

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Governikus beBPo as a Service takes over all tasks for securing electronic communication between "authorities" and courts via the special electronic authority mailbox (beBPo).

Secure electronic legal transactions: In accordance with the Act to Promote Electronic Legal Transactions, public authorities have been obliged to open a secure transmission channel for the delivery of electronic documents since January 1st, 2018. By January 1st, 2022 at the latest (and possibly earlier, depending on the federal state), there is also an obligation to use ERV for transmission to the judiciary.

Authorities within the meaning of the Act include, in addition to public authorities, corporations and institutions under public law, as well as other persons, professional groups and organizations that can be assumed to have a higher degree of reliability.

Examples include savings banks, associations of panel doctors, employers' liability insurance associations, tax consultants, etc.

To make the introduction of a beBPo as easy as possible for you, Governikus offers the special public authority mailbox as a service for communication between "public authorities" and the judiciary. beBPo as a service is characterized by very simple handling and low effort on the customer's side. Our service offer is based exclusively on established and widely used software products developed by Governikus. The connection of a beBPo takes place using an e-mail server, so that employees can use the usual e-mail infrastructure for electronic legal correspondence. Both incoming and outgoing messages can be received and sent in or with Microsoft Outlook or other e-mail systems.

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3 good reasons for Governikus beBPo as a Service

One time installation

No installation and administration on different workstations.

Simple operability

Send and receive beBPo messages in the existing email client, e.g. Outlook.

Secure communication

By using encrypted mechanisms and OSCI standards.

Secure data exchange with the judiciary

At the beBPo, the Governikus beBPo as a Service application takes care of securing communications, applying and verifying electronic signatures, and processing and internally distributing electronic messages.

One of the advantages of beBPO is that it does not require a qualified electronic signature and is based on the infrastructure of the electronic court and administrative mailbox (EGVP). The use of secure directory services ensures the authenticity of the sender or recipient. Due to the new regulations in the eRV, there are obligations for public authorities to provide transmission channels, whereby communication with parties to proceedings in criminal and administrative offense proceedings has additional special features for public authorities.

For the receipt of court communications for which an eEB (electronic acknowledgement of receipt) is required, the provision of a beBPo OR De-Mail is mandatory. If authorities also communicate with parties to proceedings in criminal and administrative offenses, the provision of a beBPo AND De-Mail is mandatory for authorities. Other communication channels are also possible.

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The most important core functionalities

By implementing the public authority mailbox with Governikus beBPo as a Service, you are well positioned for the future. The multitude of features makes electronic legal transactions easy. You get a fully comprehensive administrative mailbox and can easily add, for example, secure e-mail dispatch or evidence-preserving storage of processes at any time:

  • Connection to external SAFE directory service
  • OSCI Server Communication
  • Encryption certificate
  • Integrations for e-mail clients, e.g. Microsoft Outlook
  • full documentation
  • uvm.


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