General contractual basis for training courses of Governikus KG

of Governikus GmbH & Co KG, Hochschulring 4, 28359 Bremen, Germany
hereinafter referred to as "Governikus KG

1. subject matter of the contract

The subject of this agreement is the provision of training and instruction with regard to software products and services of Governikus KG.

2. training times / training location / training content

The training courses take place in Bremen. Exact details of the training location and times can be found in the current training documents. The exact training contents can be found in the training documents and the respective training offers. The same applies to the required prior knowledge.

3. secrecy

The participants are obligated to maintain silence about the training contents, as far as no other contractual agreements with Governikus KG exist.

4. registration

The training dates are scheduled by Governikus KG and announced to the participants in good time. The announcement is made on the website of Governikus KG. For a binding registration, a written registration has to be sent to Governikus KG at least four weeks before the start of the training. For the written form a registration in the form of fax or e-mail is sufficient. The registration becomes binding as soon as Governikus KG has confirmed it in writing (by e-mail).

5. participation fee

The participation fee per person and training day can be found in the respective current training offers. The participation fee includes drinks, lunch and training documents. The participation fee is due within four weeks after receipt of the invoice by the participant.

6. withdrawal and rebooking

Should a participant not be able to attend the training, Governikus KG must be informed immediately and in writing. In case of cancellation up to three weeks prior to the training date, Governikus KG is entitled to retain or demand 50% of the training fee as a handling fee. Changes of dates, which are communicated to Governikus KG up to four weeks before the training date, are free of charge for the participant. If a later rebooking takes place, Governikus KG is entitled to retain up to 30% of the training fee as rebooking fee.

In the event of cancellation or rebooking within a period of less than one week prior to the training date, the entire participation fees will be due. The contracting party is free to send a person other than the registered person to the training. A change of the person to be trained has to be announced to Governikus KG in time beforehand.

7. change of date on the part of Governikus KG

Governikus KG reserves the right to cancel the announced courses if the number of participants is too low and to set new dates if necessary. The respective minimum number of participants can be found in the respective course offers. As far as possible, the wishes of the registered participants will be taken into account. If the training cannot be held on the following date, Governikus KG will refund the training fees to the participants. Further claims against Governikus KG are excluded.

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