Institution for Municipal Data Processing in Bavaria (AKDB)

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The Institute for Municipal Data Processing in Bavaria (AKDB) is a public law institution. Its sponsors are the leading municipal associations in Bavaria (Bayerischer Gemeindetag, Bayerischer Landkreistag, Bayerischer Städtetag, Verband der Bayerischen Bezirke).

AKDB currently employs 700 people who serve over 4,500 customers. Together with the subsidiaries DVKS GmbH (service provider in the area of customer consulting), kommIT GmbH (distribution of OK. products outside Bavaria), LivingData GmbH (as a system house), TERA Kommunalsoftware GmbH (for the development of property information systems) and partners, software and services are made available throughout Germany.

AKDB's head office is located in Munich. Administration as well as the central development, technology and service departments are located there. AKDB has offices in all Bavarian administrative districts. Data center production is concentrated in Bayreuth (Upper Franconia).



Institute for Municipal Data Processing in Bavaria (AKDB)
Herzogspitalstr. 24
80331 Munich
Phone: +49 | 8959 | 03 0

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