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Bitkom represents more than 2,200 member companies from the digital economy. In Germany, they generate a good 200 billion euros in revenue with digital technologies and solutions and employ more than 2 million people. Members include more than 1,000 SMEs, over 500 startups and almost all global players. They offer software, IT services, telecommunications or Internet services, manufacture devices and components, are active in the field of digital media, create content, offer platforms or are part of the digital economy in other ways.

82 percent of the companies involved in Bitkom are headquartered in Germany, another 8 percent come from the rest of Europe and 7 percent from the USA. 3 percent come from other regions of the world. Bitkom promotes and drives the digital transformation of the German economy and is committed to broad social participation in digital developments. The aim is to make Germany an efficient and sovereign one. digital location




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