Governikus Voucher Package - Introduction beBPo / eBO

This purchase order covers a contingent of up to 10 hours of consulting services.

The offer is aimed at public authorities and other public bodies that are entitled or obliged to set up a beBPo / eBO*.

The subject of this order is consulting services to support the customer in applying for a special electronic public authority mailbox (beBPo) or electronic citizen mailbox (eBO):

  • Support on the procedure for applying for the establishment of a beBPo / eBO.
  • Provision of the required information
  • Identification of the competent bodies
  • Mediation of contact persons
  • Advice on the selection/use/procurement of Governikus software

It does not include participation in discussions with audit authorities or advice on other issues.

Support services for the installation of the software and for the operation of the software itself are not included. These are the subject of existing framework agreements. The same shall apply to the purchase of the software itself. If the Customer is not an Authorized Entity in this sense, the aforementioned services may be ordered separately.

The support services are provided to the technical contact person (or his/her deputy) designated by the client.

The services can be used within a period of 3 months from receipt of the order. If further services are claimed or at a later point in time, the remuneration will be based on time and effort.

The provisions of the current EVB-IT GTC for services shall apply. The regulations of the present order take precedence over deviating regulations. Further terms and conditions are excluded. The client bears the responsibility for the project and its success. Proper data backup is the responsibility of the client. Services under a contract for work and services, in particular software development services and licenses, are not the subject of the contract.

(*If you would like consulting services on beBPo / eBO for third parties, or consulting that is not only related to the establishment of a concrete beBPo / eBO, we will be happy to submit an offer).