Berlin/Bremen, Aug. 6, 2019

Together with Governikus, Bundesdruckerei offers another innovative service: AusweisIDent Vor-Ort enables the transfer of ID card data into an electronic form without media discontinuity.

Whether renting a car, opening a bank account, or signing a cell phone contract, companies and organizations need customers' ID data at the point of sale for more than 500 million business transactions per year, especially for creating new customers. In these scenarios, employees usually copy the customer's ID card and manually transfer this data to the computer system - which harbors transmission errors and slows down the identification process.

Bundesdruckerei is now offering another innovative service in cooperation with Governikus: AusweisIDent Vor-Ort enables the transfer of ID card data into an electronic form without media discontinuity. This service can support on-site identification.
The procedure does not require the online ID card function to be activated, nor does the ID card holder need the associated PIN. "On-site reading can almost always be used," says Dr. Kim Nguyen, head of Trusted Services at Bundesdruckerei. "This offer can be used by any customer who has an ID card or electronic residence permit. Businesses only need an NFC-enabled smartphone or card reader and must integrate the provided AusweisIDent interface into their system."

How it works: With IDent On-Site, the customer advisor at the point of sale first compares the photo of the ID with the person present. Then the data from the chip in the customer's document can be read using an NFC-enabled smartphone or card reader. The data transfer is authorized with the Card Access Number (CAN) printed on the ID card. The CAN can be entered manually or read via text recognition (OCR). The read-out electronic data is made available to the company or authority via a standardized web interface.

The procedure is legally compliant in accordance with Section 18a of the German Identity Card Act and enables customer data to be read out of the eID chip securely, without errors or media breaks. "A useful side effect of on-site identification is the implicit authenticity check of the electronic ID card data. By matching the electronic data, tampering with the visually readable data can be detected," says Nguyen.

Since the end of last year, online service providers have been able to identify new customers simply and securely with AusweisIDent Online. "In the process, customers identify themselves on the Internet using their ID card and secret PIN. AusweisIDent Vor-Ort thus supplements the online identification service with on-site reading," says Dr. Stephan Klein, Managing Director of Governikus KG.

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