Digital, legally secure and free communication between citizens and the judiciary

Bremen, October 2023

  • My judicial mailbox enables free digital communication with the judiciary (courts, lawyers, notaries, etc.) for natural persons via the BundID.
  • Since October 12, the MJP has provided basic functions for pilot operation, is fully functional, and is continuously being developed and enhanced with additional functions.
  • Basic components for judicial communication were developed by the infrastructure project "MuWiSta OZG Plus Postfach Einheitliches Organisationskonto Baustein 5", which started in July 2021 under "My Enterprise Account". The BundID - the user account of the federal government - uses the component for the MJP after.
  • Permanent reuse of Building Block 5 components creates synergies between infrastructure projects for natural persons and those for organizations and companies.

Since October 12, a free digital communication channel with the judiciary has been available to citizens as a pilot application in the form of MJP. My Justice Mailbox, which Governikus developed on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs (BMI), uses the BundID to replicate the basic components for judicial communication of the extended mailbox in My Business Account, which will be made available in July 2023, and thus provides citizens with a user-friendly and legally secure communication channel with the judiciary.

Reuse of the extended mailbox

The extended mailbox in My Business Account was developed to enable interdepartmental communication between organizations and the administration and between organizations and the judiciary in the first expansion stage. Building on this, and due to legal requirements that citizens must meet when communicating electronically with the judiciary, the BMI decided to follow up with the component for citizens and provide them with their own, user-friendly and free tool: My Justice Mailbox. "We are pleased to be able to offer citizens a free service for simple and secure communication with the judiciary with My Justice Mailbox. In keeping with the spirit of the Online Access Act, we are drawing on the results of projects that have already been successfully implemented to make them available to citizens," says Inga Greiner-Bild, BundID project manager at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Get started directly with the BundID

A natural person can log in to the judicial mailbox via his or her BundID using his or her online ID and directly access its functions. These include registering a justice mailbox, downloading message attachments, sending messages to the justice system or participants in electronic legal transactions ("ERV"), receiving messages from participants in ERV, and much more. All messages have end-to-end encryption ("E2E"), so that users can only view these messages and message lists unencrypted after providing their personal key. All sensitive key operations take place in the browser, so that private keys never leave the user's domain. In this way, high security standards are implemented, which are indispensable for the often confidential communication in the context of electronic legal transactions.

"My judicial mailbox" can be accessed via this website:


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