Bremen, October 22, 2019

Dataport and Governikus KG will jointly further develop Dataport's online service infrastructure (OSI).

The platform for implementing the online services required by the Online Access Act (OZG) will be used by the states of Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-Anhalt, as well as Berlin. Governikus and Dataport will redevelop individual modules such as the register query. However, technologies already in use will also be further developed and merged.

The goal of the cooperation is to achieve the highest possible convergence in the solutions used by the federal and state governments. Governikus also plans to use the developed modules for the IT planning council application "Governikus". In this way, the federal government and the other states can also benefit from the new components to meet the challenges of the OZG.

"With the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council, standardized, interoperable and thus reusable solution modules are the focus of development on behalf of all federal states as well as the federal government. Dataport's sponsoring states are also beneficiaries of these building blocks," explains Governikus Managing Director Dr. Stephan Klein. "OSI is the central platform for the digitization strategy of Dataport and its sponsors. The success of the OZG and the digital agendas of our executing agencies will crucially depend on the degree of convergence of the solutions used. The cooperation with Governikus is a step in the right direction," adds Torsten Koß, Member of the Board of Dataport.

The lead federal state of the Governikus IT planning council application and one of Dataport's six sponsoring states, the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (FHB), is more than pleased with the collaboration. "With Dataport and Governikus KG, we have considerable IT expertise for administrative digitization. The North is serious about avoiding duplicate developments. We are convinced that both the OSI platform and the Governikus application will benefit from this," says Dr. Martin Hagen, IT Director of FHB, about the cooperation.


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