Bremen, January 20, 2020

The event year 2020 starts today with "the world of smart ID solutions", the Omnisecure in Berlin.

The Bremen-based full-service provider for IT security software Governikus will be on board again this year, providing comprehensive information about the Governikus portfolio. "Omnisecure has become a set date in the event calendar for us. The idea of information and networking across industry and national borders, especially with regard to the important topic of electronic identities, comes into its own very well here at the start of the year and we are pleased to be able to be represented again this year with some program items and an information stand," says Dr. Stephan Klein, Managing Director of Governikus GmbH & Co. KG.

At the information stand in the lobby of the Grand Hotel Esplanade in Berlin, the Bremen-based company will be providing information about new possibilities with the online ID card function. Scenarios for reading out ID card data on site - e.g. in bank branches - also enable an optimized process flow for legitimation checks or account openings in the branch. As a sovereign document, the ID card is the most secure way of transferring high-quality data into systems. Not only can active error source avoidance through manual input be supported, but the process speed can also be increased. This advantage is now available not only in online but also in on-site scenarios.

Also on board: the latest version of the federal government's AusweisApp2. Freshly equipped with a new interface for the stationary operating systems Windows and MacOS, the Bremeners at their own and at the ID card booth of the Federal Ministry of the Interior inform about new functions of the AusweisApp2 and the possibilities to use Android as well as iOS smartphones in different variants for the use of the online ID card function.

Electronic identities also play a major role in triggering the so-called eIDAS remote signatures. True to the motto "the signature is dead, long live the signature", this is experiencing a kind of revival due to the eIDAS regulation. The challenge with remote signatures, however, is secure authentication and authorization - here, the ID card, a service account or an online bank account can be used.

Electronic identities are also in demand in judicial communications. Here, the justice system makes use of its SAFE system, which is used as a central identity management system in electronic legal transactions. The special public authority mailbox (beBPo), which contrary to its name is not only required by law for public authorities - institutions and corporations under public law should be mentioned here in particular, but also other affected persons and professional groups - is also a topic, as are other challenges and requirements relating to electronic legal transactions.

Governikus in the Omnisecure program

Last but not least, Governikus is represented in a total of four program items:

First of all, Dr. Stephan Klein starts on Tuesday, 21.1.20, at 15:10 h, and shows how Governikus can support the successful OZG implementation with ID card and remote signature. In the panel discussion in the evening, starting at 18:20 h, Klein will receive as moderator, in addition to MinR Matthias Taube (Head of Division DG I 2 in the Federal Ministry of the Interior), Matthias Drefs (Head of Research & Development at S-Markt&Mehrwert) and Dr. Dirk Woywod (CTO at Verimi), to address the thesis "thanks to Android and iOS, the ID card takes off".

The program continues on Wednesday, 22.2.20 at 10:30 am. Together with Daniela Freiheit (EGVP project office of the judiciary), Matthias Drefs and Governikus authorized signatory Marc Horstmann, Klein will devote a tutorial to electronic legal transactions using the example of banks and the judiciary.

At the end of Omnisecure, at 2:30 p.m., it's back to remote signing. In the panel discussion, Klein and his guests Peter Eisenhofer (YES), Dr. Kim Nguyen (D-Trust), Hans-Peter Kraus (Bank-Verlag) and Olaf Rohstock (Form-Solutions) will explore the success story of electronic signatures.

More info about the event can be found here.

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