Health insurers and public authorities want intelligence for the special public authority mailbox (beBPo)

The Inning am Ammersee-based software provider inovoo and the Bremen-based full-service provider for IT security software Governikus have developed an integrated solution for the special public authority mailbox. The intelligent communication platform NOVO CxP @beBPo, which has already been commissioned by several large health insurance companies, complements "Governikus beBPo as a Service" or Governikus MultiMessenger with an AI-based content analysis as well as the automated assignment to the various target mailboxes.

Electronic legal transactions are entering the next round. After public authorities have already been obliged to receive documents via a secure electronic transmission channel in return for an electronic acknowledgement of receipt since 2018, the next stage is now taking effect: by January 1, 2022 at the latest (or earlier, depending on the federal state), public authorities will also be obliged to use the secure transmission channel for service on the judiciary. Secure transmission channels are predominantly the so-called "special mailboxes" in accordance with the Act to Promote Electronic Legal Transactions; in the case of public authorities, this is the special electronic public authority mailbox (beBPo). In addition to federal, state and local authorities, "public authorities" within the meaning of the Act also include corporations and institutions under public law, as well as organizations that can be assumed to be more reliable. This obligation therefore also applies, for example, to statutory health insurance funds, panel doctors' associations, most savings banks and employers' liability insurance associations.

To ensure that the introduction of a beBPo, i.e. a "special authority mailbox", is simple and efficient, Governikus offers, among other things, the special authority mailbox as a "beBPo as a Service" for communication between authorities and the justice system. The service, which is based on the application of the IT planning council Governikus MultiMessenger (GMM), is characterized by very simple handling and low effort on the customer side. It centrally controls the communication from and with the judiciary, takes over all technical-legal checks and transfers the beBPo messages, which are based on the EGVP system, into the existing e-mail infrastructure. The original format is retained for appropriate storage. The electronic acknowledgement of receipt (XML) can be displayed with a convenient client, confirmed and returned to the justice system by drag & drop via mail.

The intelligent communication platform "NOVO CxP @beBPo" supplements the Governikus solutions with an AI-based content analysis as well as the automated assignment to the various recipients or recipient groups within the authorities. This is elementary in that the law only provides for one beBPo per authority or organization, irrespective of the subject matter. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to analyze all components of the messages. Unique terms, file numbers or other assignable key values or data are defined and the AI's learning ability is used in the process. Once the analysis is complete, the messages are automatically transferred to the individual mailbox. This eliminates the need for manual distribution and ensures lean and fast communication processes.

"We are pleased that beBPo can now be integrated so easily and efficiently into our customers' processes," says Thomas Schneider, Managing Director of inovoo GmbH, Inning. "The large number of customer inquiries shows that the close integration with the Governikus solution beBPo as a Service is the optimal solution to replace manual effort with automated processes."

"The interaction of the Novo CXP and beBPo as a Service or GMM solutions is a great added value for all those who need to communicate with the judiciary via a beBPo. The strengths and advantages of both systems come to perfect fruition here, making justice communication not only convenient, but also child's play for the users in the organizations," says a pleased Marc Horstmann, authorized signatory at Governikus and responsible for the justice sector.

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