20.11.2018 - From now on, providers of online services can identify new customers easily and securely: Banks, telecommunications companies and co. can now integrate the online ID card function of the ID card or electronic residence permit much more easily. Bundesdruckerei and Governikus have developed AusweisIDent, a new solution for companies for fast and inexpensive online identification of new customers, and are offering it jointly.

"Fraud with stolen or manipulated identities is an increasing problem for online service providers. By using the online ID card function of the ID card, AusweisIDent enables a highly secure solution and protects companies from fraud with false identities," says Dr. Stefan Hofschen, CEO of Bundesdruckerei.

In addition, the digital and fast identification of customers is cheaper than the currently frequently used PostIdent or VideoIdent procedures. AusweisIDent meets the requirements of key identity verification laws such as the E-Government Act (EGovG), the Money Laundering Act (GWG) and the Telecommunications Act (TKG).

To be able to offer new customers the online ID procedure with the ID card, service providers previously needed their own eID infrastructure and their own authorization certificate to read the ID card data. This is no longer necessary. Service providers only need to integrate the Bundesdruckerei web application. This is hosted in a highly secure manner at D-TRUST, the trust service provider and subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei. Billing is transaction-based.

"AusweisIDent offers all the advantages of being able to identify customers securely, quickly and easily on the Internet and, at the same time, the advantage of data transfer into the company's own systems without media breaks or errors," says Dr. Stephan Klein, Managing Director of Governikus as the system supplier for AusweisIDent.

Bundesdruckerei is the first provider in accordance with §21b of the German ID Card Act for this service. It received the BSI certificate for identification service providers on October 12. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) had previously approved TÜV-IT's audit report. The certification paves the way for other service providers to offer their customers a convenient and non-location-specific identification solution. "With AusweisIDent, customers with ID cards or electronic residence permits will be able to identify themselves easily and securely online with a service provider, such as a bank," says MinDir Peter Batt, head of the digitization department at the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Home Affairs (BMI). One of the first providers to integrate AusweisIDent as an identification method in the future will be the identity and data platform Verimi.

To use AusweisIDent, private consumers still need an ID document with the online ID function activated, a corresponding PIN, and a reader. One possible reader is a smartphone with an NFC interface. This allows customers to identify themselves conveniently from home or on the move in the online world: simply call up the service provider's website in the mobile browser or its app, start the service registration, hold the ID document to the smartphone's NFC interface when prompted, then enter the PIN on the smartphone - and the secure identification process is complete.

For more info, visit www.ausweisident.de.

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