AusweisApp2 for using the online ID card with new features

  • With the new version 1.22.0, the ID card app2 checks at the touch of a button whether the user's own smartphone and ID card are ready for mobile use
  • BadgeApp2 SDK for integration now also for iOS apps
  • Android and iOS versions visually improved
  • New video tutorial on smartphone use only

The software AusweisApp2, which is provided free of charge by the federal government, has been available for download in the current version 1.22.0 since 01.12.2020. In addition to an improved start page for the mobile versions (Android and iOS), the new version includes important features for the benefit of users, but also for integrators.

When using mobile devices, the ID card app2 can now check at the touch of a button whether the smartphone and ID card are ready for the online ID card function. On the one hand, this means whether the corresponding smartphone meets the necessary technical requirements such as NFC interface and extended-length communication. On the other hand, also whether the online ID function of the ID card or electronic residence permit is activated and the PIN is not blocked by too many incorrect entries. "From a usability point of view, this is a great function. Previously, these checks were carried out invisibly in the background and a message was only issued in the event of an error. Now this check can be carried out quickly and easily, and the result is displayed clearly and with recommendations for action," says a delighted Dr. Niels Räth, project manager at the Federal Office for Information Security. Also new are improved help animations for correct positioning of the badge on the smartphone.

"Another important milestone in the development is the provision of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS," Räth continues. SDKs for Android, Windows and Mac OS have already been available for some time. After Apple released the NFC interface for iOS devices at the end of last year, the demand for an iOS SDK from integrators was high. With the 1.22.0 release, this gap has now also been closed. In addition, the SDK now also supports the PIN change.

Further improvements have been made to the PIN management and the help area of the ID card app2. The macOS version can now also be installed via the App Store and will also update itself in the future. Version 1.22.0 now also supports the so-called Union Citizen Card, which can be applied for by citizens of the European Union (EU) and members of the European Economic Area (EEA) from January 2021.

Just in time for the release of the new versions for mobile operating systems, a new video tutorial for smartphone users has been made available on the AusweisApp2 YouTube channel.

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