*Since November 2023, the "AusweisApp2" has been operating under the new name "AusweisApp" and is available for download in all app stores.

Bremen, 4.7.2019

The federal government's AusweisApp2*, which has been available for Android devices since 2017, will also be available for iPhones in the App Store from fall 2019.

After the first tests of the AusweisApp2 developers were already successful with the last beta version of iOS 13, the complete readout process via NFC could be carried out with the 3rd beta version for developers. Thus, the AusweisApp2 release date for iPhones in the fall of 2019 is hardening.

Last week, the AusweisApp2 project team was already able to achieve initial successes with online ID cards. After the 3rd developer beta version of iOS 13 was released at the beginning of this week, the developers were able to successfully complete the entire readout process. Thus, from today's perspective, nothing stands in the way of a release of the AusweisApp2 for iPhones with the release of iOS 13 in the fall of 2019. According to the manufacturer's specifications, an iPhone 7 or newer is required to use the NFC interface for online identification.

"We are very pleased that Apple is opening up the NFC interface," said Dr. Stephan Klein, Managing Director of Governikus, the company that develops the AusweisApp2 on behalf of the German government. "After we were already able to release the Android version of the AusweisApp2 in 2017, it is gratifying that iPhone users can now also use the online ID card function. In addition to making the AusweisApp2 available for iPhones, however, the service providers are also in demand, because the online offers should also be optimized and adapted with a view to the iOS release. Support for this is available on the AusweisApp2 portal www.ausweisapp.bund.de in the guide for service providers," continues Klein.

Contact person for press contacts:

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Tel: +49 421 204 95-54
E-mail: redaktion@governikus.de

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