In the association Unternehmen für Bremen e. V. (Companies for Bremen), 46 member companies have so far been committed to highlighting Bremen's attractiveness for potential skilled workers. As the newest member, Governikus supports the cause of attracting new employees to the city through lively stories about living and working in Bremen.

"Even though in times of flexible working and home offices the importance of a company's headquarters is decreasing, we are convinced that the image and lifestyle of a place of residence still play a decisive role in the choice of a workplace," says Stephan Klein, Managing Director of Governikus, explaining the company's involvement in the association. "Bremen is so much more than Stadtmusikanten and Werder and we would like to present this more in the association together with the other member companies. In doing so, we naturally hope to attract new skilled workers and perhaps also encourage people to return to Bremen."

"As a company, we benefit from the innovation-friendly environment and the proximity to the university," adds Holger Mohrmann, also Managing Director of Governikus. "With the help of the association, we want to bring stories of openness and pioneering spirit to the world and contribute our company's own stories."

The magazine and the association's associated social media accounts are an invitation to readers and followers to use the example of Bremen to think about city life in general and about their own needs between work and private life: How climate-friendly is my company and how meaningful is my work? What housing options are available and where can I still afford them? Where can I find good conditions for my family in the future? To answer these and other questions, Governikus employees will also have their say on the association's pages in the future with their personal stories.

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