The DVDV 2.0 control project was launched in order to comply with all technical developments, changes in the legal framework (especially e-government laws and the IT Network Act), but also European developments (large-scale pilots such as SPOCS and PEPPOL) and to expand the existing infrastructure in a sustainable and future-proof manner. After an analysis and conception phase, DVDV 2.0 was redeveloped and rolled out under the consortium leadership of Governikus together with Dataport.

In a three-stage transition model, the federal and a total of 14 state servers with all connected services and specialist procedures were migrated from DVDV 1 to DVDV 2.0 using the existing server representative arrangements and DVDV 1 was successfully replaced in the period from the end of October to the end of November 2019

Here you can find more information about DVDV 2.0.

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