When people and organizations need to be identified securely, data and documents need to be transmitted securely, confidentially and in a legally binding manner, and integrity and authenticity need to be proven securely: With the Governikus application as a product of the IT Planning Council, the public sector, the judiciary (and other administration-related organizations or institutions) at all federal levels have access to various standard products as basic services and functional modules that support the implementation of digitization projects.

The digitization of the administration, as envisaged in the course of implementing the OZG, can only succeed if all federal levels are networked via applications, interfaces and cooperation options. In the context of OZG implementation, impulses from the digitization labs, among others, and not least with regard to EU connectivity, additional needs have arisen for further service-oriented standard modules as integral elements of a federal platform architecture.

Acceleration and facilitation of OZG implementations, post-usability and EU connectivity in the context of the SDG regulation: these were the objectives on which the project "Services of the Governikus application as integral services for OZG implementation" funded from the digitization budget was based.

Successful project completion for even more service orientation

In addition to the continuous further development and maintenance of the Governikus application, the project addressed developments and conceptual designs that, for example, facilitate OZG processes with co-signing obligations, consistently embed user accounts, and are aligned with the requirements of the European Commission's Single Digital Gateway Regulation. The focus here was on the development of easily consumable interfaces and libraries as well as solutions for data transfer from portal solutions to XTA and eDelivery infrastructures. These implementations are available to all states, municipalities and the federal government as functional modules of the Governikus application.

"Between August 2020 and November 2021, we did a lot of conceptualization, evaluation and development, held numerous workshops, created tutorials and handouts for our customers. And thus created further approaches that are indispensable in the context of future-oriented administration digitization," explains Stefan Rauner (General Portfolio Manager, Authorized Signatory - Governikus).

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