From June 14-16, 2023, the 2nd OnceOnly Technical System (OOTS) EU Projectathon took place in Brussels. Over the 3 days, participants from the 27 EU member states tested contributions to the OnceOnly and Single Digital Gateway implementations. The Projectathon focused on European collaboration on solutions and the opportunity to learn from each other's developments. The event highlighted topics such as improved user-centricity, electronic identification and systems lifecycle management.

The first success was already visible during the event. Germany was the only team to secure two awards at once. On the one hand, they had achieved the highest number (51) of completed tests, and on the other hand, the highest number (12) of test partners.

Besides representatives of the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) and the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIKE), Governikus was also present. As a partner for the necessary basic functionality of the eIDAS compliant identification/authentication for natural as well as legal persons and in cooperation with the Bavarians regarding the Elster project, Governikus supports the cooperation to cope with the challenges. Thanks to our PEPPOL AccessPoint competence, we can contribute "basics" so that the implementation projects in NRW can focus on cross-border and cross-domain data exchange.

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