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Easy validation of electronic signatures and seals

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Governikus DATA Varuna includes several services for server-side validation of digital signatures, seals and certificates, and for determining the legal level and type of digital signatures based on trust lists in accordance with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation.

With DATA Varuna's Validation Service, for example, the electronic signature of submitted documents - such as a digital building application - can be verified immediately upon receipt. The integrity of the content and the authenticity of the applicant are thus reliably and accurately determined. Our services for validating digital signatures thus protect against misuse and create legal certainty.

Particularly in the implementation of the Online Access Act services catalog, many application processes can

benefit from this protection against abuse and the added legal certainty.

The services of the DATA Varuna product implement the new European norms and standards for the validation of advanced and qualified electronic signatures and seals, which implement the legal requirements from the eIDAS regulation. All eIDAS-compliant qualified signatures from all EU member states can be validated and verification of Digital-Signature-Act-compliant signatures is still possible.

DATA Varuna is part of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council.

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3 good reasons for Governikus DATA Varuna


DATA Varuna's services for validating digital signatures, can be integrated via REST or SOAP interface (for TR-ESOR compliant solutions).


DATA Varuna validates documents with *AdES signatures profiled by ETSI in the context of the eIDAS regulation

Legal certainty

The integrity of the content and the authenticity of the applicant are determined in a secure, reliable, accurate and eIDAS-compliant manner

Validation of electronic signatures/seals

DATA Varuna's services provide upstream instances with different services for validating signed objects. Validated are:

  • Documents with PAdES, CAdES, XAdES and JAdES signatures according to ETSI specifications (Level B, T, LT and LTA),
  • signed documents in OSCI, ASiC and ZIP containers,
  • signed OSCI messages, De-Mail messages, and e-mails.

DATA Varuna services implement the technical and legal requirements for validating digital signatures and determining the legal level of signatures from the new ETSI standards specified in the context of the eIDAS regulation. The DATA Varuna product includes the following services:

  • Validation Service: Service for connecting to business process applications for automatic validation of signed documents and separate signature certificates via a REST interface. Return of a machine-readable report (XML) for automatic further processing (ETSI Signature Validation Report). An accessible PDF or HTML validation protocol can be requested additionally.
  • eCard Service: Service for validation of digitally signed documents for TR-ESOR compliant solutions. Return of the mandatory OASIS DSS Verification Report (XML).
  • Certificate Validation Server (CV): Internal service for validating digital signature certificates and determining the legal level of digital signatures on the basis of trust lists for Governikus Suite services (Validation Service, eCard Service, COM Tauri, etc.) and other Governikus products(COM Vibilia, DATA Pavonis, DATA Boreum, etc.).

DATA Varuna is delivered via the Governikus Suite. The Suite also delivers the Base Services Configuration Manager, File Manager and File Manager Broker required by DATA Varuna.

Governikus also provides the Certificate Validation as a Service service. The CV aaS service is a non-qualified, normalized signature certificate validation service. Signature checks are not part of the service. The service provides the function of validating signature certificates exclusively for Governikus KG standard software.

This service is subject to these terms of use are the basis of this service.


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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the usage scenario and requirements, the Governikus DATA Varuna application for access to transport infrastructures supports numerous features, such as:

  • Multiple services for server-side validation of electronic signatures/seals and electronic certificates


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