Governikus DATA Boreum
Secure signing of documents and data

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Governikus DATA Boreum (formerly Governikus Signer) is an application for signing documents and data using electronic signatures and seals of all common national and international (eIDAS) signatures and seals and their validation.

In addition, Governikus DATA Boreum can be used to encrypt and decrypt any data (certificate or password). The application includes the previous editions Basic and Professional and is part of Governikus, the application of the IT Planning Council.

Governikus DATA Boreum Integration Edition" and "Governikus DATA Boreum Web Edition" are available as editions (subject to a license fee).

All the functionalities required for legally compliant processing and confidential transmission of documents and data are bundled in just one software solution.

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3 good reasons for Governikus DATA Boreum

Almost completely accessible user interface

Accessible test protocol and near accessibility of the application.

Multiple signature options

Setting visible signature fields in PDF documents anywhere in the document is possible (for multiple people).

Broad support

All legally relevant standards, formats and profiles according to ETSI.

Almost completely accessible user interface

The Governikus DATA Boreum application has an almost completely accessible user interface. Although the user interface has changed visually with new graphics, the user guidance is very closely based on Governikus Signer. This ensures a steep learning curve when switching from Governikus Signer to DATA Boreum. If you have already used Governikus Signer, Governikus DATA Boreum will not puzzle you.

The user interface has been thoroughly revised with regard to accessibility requirements. You can use screen readers and a Braille display. All GUI elements are accessible via keyboard navigation and with keyboard shortcuts, and the user interface is zoomable.

One application - three editions

Governikus DATA Boreum is available in different editions depending on requirements and usage scenarios:

DATA Boreum (component IT planning council application Governikus):

  • Single-user solution for individual use
  • Quick and legally compliant signing and sealing of documents
  • Validate signed and sealed documents
  • Encrypting and decrypting documents

Integration Edition:

  • Client solution for integration into local business process applications (offline)
  • The same scope as in the standard version, but for the integration of specialist applications
  • Direct call of the four basic functions
    • Sign, verify, encrypt & decrypt

For validation, a corresponding server (CVS) is required, for the use of which further costs may be incurred

Web Edition:

  • Signature solution for integration into web-based applications
  • Encrypting and decrypting documents
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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the security-critical application scenario and requirement, Governikus DATA Boreum supports numerous features such as:

  • Encryption and decryption of any amount of data, certificate-based (with public or private key) and with password
  • Signature and seal creation using all common national and international (eIDAS) signatures and seals and FES (advanced electronic signature) with software certificates
  • Placement of invisible and visible signature fields anywhere in the PDF document for parallel signature of multiple signers
  • Validation of all EU-qualified signatures from all EU member states and selected advanced signatures from Germany
  • Integration possibilities with the editions "Integration" and "Web" as well as accessible implementation (incl. documentation)
  • uvm.


Governikus DATA Boreum
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