Governikus DATA Aeonia Whitepaper

Evidence-preserving long-term storage

Whitepaper DATA Aeonia

In our free whitepaper you will learn, among other things:

  • Exploiting potential: eFiles, DMS and ECM systems and the legal obligation to retain records
  • Key challenges: Integrity, authenticity and long-term trafficability of documents and data
  • Electronic signatures and seals: how do they work and how do they obtain evidential value?
  • The TR-ESOR procedure: Securing Cryptographic Certificates with the BSI Technical Guideline 03125
  • Life cycle of a document: from application to looking into the future
  • Solution for companies and organizations: Governikus DATA Aeonia under the magnifying glass

When it comes to storing documents, companies/organizations are bound by legal requirements and must observe corresponding retention periods. The topics of integrity and authenticity of electronic documents and data (and those that are transferred from paper to electronic data) are elementary in the context of digitization, and the legal regulations are as unspecific as they are numerous.

Our white paper provides the most important answers to the various challenges.