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SRZ Berlin has been the Berlin system house for 50 years and offers its customers in the three business areas of digitalization, system solutions u

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nd Publishing offers high-performance products, holistic product solutions and high-quality services.

The Digitization business unit offers a wide range of scanning services, from bulk document capture to book and large-format scanning, microfilm digitization, and retroconversion of library catalogs.

In the system solutions area, the focus is on precise scanning and ECM systems adapted to customer requirements for capturing, processing, distributing and archiving documents of all kinds.

A particular highlight are the capturing solutions based on CROSSCAP®, which is also offered as an enterprise solution for central processing and management of many scanning stations and distributed locations. A special version offers software-supported fulfillment of all requirements of BSI TR 03138 Replacing Scanning, which has been certified as a reference implementation based on the CROSSCAP® system solution by the BSI in accordance with the directive since March 2016.


Satz-Rechen-Zentrum Hartmann + Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG
Bessemerstrasse 83-91
12103 Berlin

Matthias Bauer

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