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CharismaTeam was the first pioneer in the development of metaform technology in Germany. In the meantime, the software solution CT-Gründungsmanager developed by CharismaTeam is in use at approx. 80 institutions under public law, including more than 65% of all chambers of crafts and the majority of chambers of industry and commerce.

In the course of the EU Service Directive, the CT Start-up Manager is used for the Single Point of Contact:s in the states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Bremen and Lower Saxony.

CharismaTeam delivers complete e-government solutions, including the basic components CT-Gründungsmanager, AntragsAssistent, the Wirtschaftszweigverschlüsselungsmodul WZ2008 module, and falego, the case manager for case workers at the single point of contact.



CC e-gov GmbH
Tempowerkring 7
21079 Hamburg

Kurt Chickenfoot
Phone: +49 | 40 | 227199-46

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