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For more than 30 years, Ceyoniq Technology GmbH has been an innovative partner of public administration for simple, intelligent information management. The e-file solution nscale eGov is perfectly tailored to the requirements of digital administration. It sets the pulse of the interdepartmental information flow and leads cities, municipalities and states into the digital age. The Bielefeld IT company offers an application specially developed for public administration based on the nscale information platform, which digitally maps both document management and case and process processing, as well as the mailroom. The innovative e-file can be used by everything from federal authorities to the smallest municipalities.



Ceyoniq Technology Ltd.
Boulevard 9
33613 Bielefeld

Sabine Rumpf
Phone: +49 151 46148311
E-mail: S.Rumpf@ceyoniq.com

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