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Change in file names

With the release of Governikus Communicator, an important change regarding file names of attachments has been introduced. This change is based on a decision of a judicial commission for the use of uniform standards. Your specialist software vendor should have been informed of these changes by the judiciary. For details of this resolution, please see an excerpt from the release notes for the current release. Please note that the changes also include an exclusion of spaces in the file name.

According to a decision of the BLK-AG IT-Standards, the length and the characters used in file names of attachments will be limited from 01.01.2020. The decision is binding for all approved OSCI third-party products in the EGVP system:

  • The length of file names is limited to max. 90 characters (incl. file extension). The file names may not be truncated or changed in any other way.
  • In file names, only all letters of the German alphabet may be used except for the umlauts ä, ö, ü and ß. In addition, all digits and the underscore and minus characters may be used. Dots are only allowed as separators between file name and file name extension. Only in concatenated filename extensions, e.g., in separated signature files, dots may also be used in the filename (e.g., document1.pdf.pkcs7)."

Remote access and support

In support cases where remote or remote access is necessary, we use the Teamviewer software. Here is the link to download Teamviewer for free.