Digital identity is increasingly becoming an integral part of everyday life. In response to the rising number of users and the growing importance of electronic identity, the federal government has decided to rebrand the federal AusweisApp. To make the application even easier and quicker to find, the "2" in the name has been dropped and it will now be called "AusweisApp".

The rebranding not only includes the name change, but also a fresh, new design. This can be used both mobile and stationary on all platforms in dark mode. In addition, the landscape mode has been improved in the mobile version and the orientation automatically follows the rotation of the screen.

Despite these changes, the functionalities and services provided by the AusweisApp2 remain unchanged and seamlessly integrated into the new AusweisApp. Holders of an ID card, electronic residence permit or an eID card for citizens of the EU/EEA can continue to identify themselves securely online using the AusweisApp.

The rebranding process takes place as part of an automatic update, which means that users do not need to take any active action to benefit from the changes. The AusweisApp is available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS in the app stores and at

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