After successfully completing his engineering degree in technical computer science at the Technical University of Berlin, Valerio Neri started his professional career in management consulting. After holding various sales and marketing positions in the healthcare sector, he built up a hybrid department at the interface between processes and IT for an e-commerce company in Berlin. At a nationwide IT service provider, he optimized the marketing of complex products in the area of managed services. In his role as VP Sales Strategy & Business Development at a global franking machine manufacturer, he was responsible for product management of the portfolio, especially for the eSignature area, where he set up roles, processes and systems to enable successful marketing of the digital product offering. Today, as co-founder of RePattern, he uses his diverse experience to advise companies on strategic positioning and operational support for IT-based change processes.

In addition to publishing his book "The Alpha Pyramid," Valerio Neri is expanding his expertise at RePattern to include topics such as smart contracts, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.