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Identification or legitimation checks on site or at the point of sale (POS), e.g. in accordance with the Money Laundering Act (GWG) or the Telecommunications Act (TKG), include a check of the identification document.

In order to be able to transfer the data from the ID card simply, quickly and without media discontinuity, the possibility of on-site reading in accordance with the German Identity Card Act (PAuswG) provides an important basis. On-site reading of the ID card is used when a person's name or address is to be transferred to a form, for example, to open an account at a bank, to conclude a cell phone contract, or to register a pre-paid cell phone contract with a cell phone provider. Instead of the self-selected, six-digit PIN, the access number (CAN) is used for on-site readout,

which is invariably applied to the front of the ID card and the knowledge of which proves the visual contact with the ID card.

This works even if the eID function is explicitly blocked or the cardholder does not know his or her PIN. This not only makes identification checks faster, but also error-free.

Authorities and companies that want to offer this function to their citizens or customers need authorization for on-site reading, a reader and software suitable for on-site reading. Based on the eID client of the federal government (IDApp 2), we have developed such a product solution to integrate the required functionalities: Governikus ID Loneos.

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3 good reasons for Governikus ID Loneos

Time saving

The ID card data is quickly read out and transferred electronically, which prevents typing errors. The data is also transferred directly to the connected target system.

Compliant with the law

Governikus ID Loneos is based on the certified software development kit of the AusweisApp2. This is under constant development and complies with legal and technical requirements.

Cost savings

Media-independent processing for identification and legitimation checks enables you to optimize your processes and significantly shorten processing times.

On-site readout and more

Governikus ID Loneos provides the following integrations, among others, due to its service-oriented architecture:


Governikus ID Loneos is based on the official AusweisApp2 SDK for Android and iOS, provides additional functionalities and simplifies the integration into the own app.

QR code and OCR recognition

Thanks to an integrated function, QR codes can be recognized via the smartphone camera. This function can be used on the one hand to establish a connection to the core banking system (on-site case) or also to process an identification session in a browser directly via a smartphone (online case). In addition, OCR recognition can be used to capture and transfer images and data from the ID card that are not stored on the chip of the ID card. This enables automated recognition and use of the CAN.


A Kotlin interface is provided for native programming of Android apps and a Swift interface for native programming of iOS apps. This ensures that app developers can quickly achieve success in the familiar development environment.

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Easy integration of ID card processes

The Governikus ID Loneos application makes it easy to integrate ID processes into your own Android or iOS app. The integration is functionally designed as well as backed up with meaningful documentation and can thus be integrated in a targeted manner into known development environments.

In addition, Governikus ID Loneos provides functions that offer essential added value for on-site readout:

  • OCR recognition for the CAN and data which are not stored on the chip of the ID card
  • QR code recognition to start the online ID process or the link with a connected system (e.g. core banking system)
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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the deployment scenario and requirements, the Governikus ID Loneos application supports numerous features.


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