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Simplified access to transport infrastructures

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Thanks to the XTA web service interface, Governikus COM Despina (formerly Governikus Communication Gateway) implements communication between business and transport procedures, regardless of the communication protocols used during transport.

COM Despina supports both DVDV-based OSCI application scenarios(COM Despina DVDV/OSCI Edition) and Peppol-based AS4 communication (COM Despina Peppol/AS4 Edition).

COM Despina is part of the Governikus application of the IT Planning Council and is thus available to the federal and state governments and their municipalities. Continuous and demand-oriented further development is ensured via the application.

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3 good reasons for Governikus COM Despina

Easy access to OSCI

XTA-compliant messages from specialized procedures can be transferred to the OSCI infrastructure via the standardized XTA web service (and vice versa).

Ready for XInvoice

The Peppol/AS4 edition supports the German standard XRechnung and enables access to AS4 communication scenarios. The AS4 implementation used is based on open source solutions.

Continuous further development

Governikus COM Despina is continuously developed and maintained as part of the Governikus application.

Two editions for different requirements

Governikus COM Despina DVDV/OSCI Edition

This edition can be used in several scenarios. Via XTA, the application level of the specialized procedures and the OSCI transport level are decoupled. The DVDV/OSCI edition enables both authority-to-authority communication and authority-to-postbox/service account communication. For this purpose, COM Despina accesses Governikus COM Tauri (OSCI Manager). For authority-to-authority communication, the OSCI address data is determined in an automated process via the German Administrative Services Directory (DVDV). With the data transferred from the DVDV, an OSCI message is built and sent.

Governikus COM Despina Peppol/AS4 Edition

The Peppol/AS4 Edition primarily enables the electronic data exchange in the XInvoice standard according to the European Directive as well as the e-invoice law based on it. Version 2 of the Peppol/AS4 version is supported. Via a connection to Governikus MultiMessenger, XInvoice scenarios can be implemented with this edition according to the architecture guideline on e-invoices of the IT Planning Council.

Test access to the OSCI/XTA reference environment

Are you interested in testing the sending and receiving of XTA messages via a secure OSCI transport route? Then apply for access to our COM Despina reference environment.

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The most important core functionalities

Depending on the usage scenario and requirements, the Governikus COM Despina application for access to transport infrastructures supports numerous features, such as:


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