Multiple function mailboxes and member management with substitution rules per company possible

Bremen, February 2024

  • The extended mailbox in Mein Unternehmenskonto (Mein UK) has been available for productive use with basic functions since June 30, 2023. The aim of the extended mailbox is to create a service that standardizes communication between administration and organizations and builds a bridge between the respective infrastructures.
  • With the provision of the third expansion stage, full digital communication between companies and authorities is now possible. Companies are now able to create configurable functional mailboxes and substitution rules according to their own requirements.

All communication via the single Unternehmenskonto: On February 1, 2024, Governikus will provide the third expansion stage of the extended mailbox (also known as the OZG-PLUS-Postfach) in the unified Unternehmenskonto on behalf of the state of Bremen. Companies are now able to set up several functional mailboxes and define substitution rules. The mailbox enables communication with a wide range of administrative departments - and with the latest encryption techniques thanks to the use of modern cryptography.

The core functionalities

The extended functional mailbox is a key component of the standardized Unternehmenskonto required by the federal government. With the launch of the first expansion stage, administrations are able to integrate services into their online offerings via the standardized interfaces. Since stage two, extended functions have been available for the existing functional mailbox, such as adding several members to the single functional mailbox per company and substitution rules. Since February, companies have been able to create multiple function mailboxes and configure their own requirements for each mailbox as well as define substitutes. Administrators can create, rename and remove mailboxes. In addition, members of a functional mailbox receive an email notification when a new message is received and can respond to messages thanks to the integration of simple reply functionality.

Invitation to the information event

Would you like to find out more about the benefits of the extended mailbox for administration and companies? We cordially invite you to our free webinar on March 5, 2024 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. online via Zoom. In the webinar, Mirko Schädel, Product Owner for the OZG-PLUS-Postfach in "Mein Unternehmenskonto" at Governikus, and Jonni Debus, Stakeholder & Committee Management for the OZG-PLUS-Postfach in "Mein Unternehmenskonto", will present the status quo as well as an outlook on future expansion stages, talk about the connection and offer you space for questions. You can register free of charge at the following link.

Via the nationwide standardized Unternehmenskonto

As part of the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG), the federal government decided to create a standardized Unternehmenskonto. This is intended to facilitate access to digital administrative services for contact with authorities. In order to achieve this, the states of Bavaria and Bremen were commissioned to develop a total of six modules. Bavaria is developing modules 1 to 4 and Bremen 5 and 6.

The basis is the ELSTER technology established in the tax system, which has been providing a secure infrastructure for 20 years. In addition to the existing and well-known "ELSTER mailbox", Bremen is contributing an extended mailbox and the necessary authorization mechanisms. Bremen is relying on the expertise of its IT service providers Dataport (authorization control) and Governikus (OZG-PLUS-Postfach).

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